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Terés Selección

Creaciones Terés, S.A. is a company which makes bothmale and female underwear.

Since it was founded in 1980, its wide experience and permanent contact with both the tendencies and demands in the market have made it one of the leading names in the sector. Nowadays, Creaciones Terés S.A. has a wide network of commercial agents wich allows for its products to be present in the most elite of shops and boutiques nationwide.

It's collection is composed of a wide range of plain, fantasy, cotton, lycra, microfibre, elastic, transparent, lace and embroidered models. First class materials are always chosen, then renewed and brought up to date by the dynamism of a desing team which is continually on the look-out new designs, fabrics and styles always with the latest fashion in mind. All this in conjunction with the guarantee of the finest finishings subjected to rigorows quality control. All this forms part of the company's philosophy which is based on offering fashion distinguished by it's quality, desing and conford.