Founded in 1980, we are a family business whose philosophy from the beginning has been to manufacture underwear that enhances and empowers the beauty of any woman, regardless of her size or style.

Our ever-present contact with the demands and trends of the market have made our company one of the leading brands in the sector. Currently, we have a wide network of sales agents nationwide, which allows our products to be found in the most exclusive shops and boutiques. Our collection, in constant evolution thanks to a design team in constant search of new shapes, fabrics and styles, has an extensive range of models to satisfy the tastes and silhouettes of our customers. To be able to dress the interior of any woman is our greatest satisfaction and our company philosophy.

True to our vision, we tailor our garments by hand in our atelier, using the finest fabrics on the market. Our selection of materials comes only from European manufacturers who guarantee quality controls and work ethics and whose materials are of the highest quality. Our greatest success is to offer any woman garments characterised by quality, design and comfort.


The environmental footprint

Terés Selección has always been committed to proximity and sustainability, with 100% national production and buying fabrics manufactured only in the European Union. Our selection of garments made from natural fabrics and 100% organic cotton continues to grow steadily, and we use top quality materials such as micro-modal fabric in TENCEL®, made from cellulose fibres extracted from sustainable forests.


We look after your health

Your well-being matters to us. That's why we were the pioneers in introducing 100% cotton terry in the gusset part of the panty. Not only does it bring extra comfort to our garments, but it also prevents the proliferation of bacteria and vaginal fungus caused by lack of perspiration and humidity.


Dressing your inner self

Our collections are designed and made by a team of women of all ages, sizes and styles. A representation of society and of what real women are like. At Terés Selección, our greatest achievement has been to be able to dress all of them from the inside, taking into account this diversity, which also translates into our garments.

Have you ever wondered why there are days when you feel more empowered than others? We have the answer.

We firmly believe that the first things you do in the morning will influence the rest of your day. That's why it's important to us that the clothes you wear on the inside are comfortable, beautiful and true to your style. We often think that the outer image is the only one that matters. And we forget that what you choose to wear on the inside is just as important, if not even more so. Try it: dress beautifully on the inside and you'll find that you'll walk down the street stronger.

Our extensive experience, fine work and ever-present contact with the demands and trends of the market have made our company one of the leading brands in the sector, present in the majority of the most select and high profile shops, boutiques and shopping centres in the country.

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